Privacy Policy

technoweenie is NOT part of a larger company, or owned by a large corporation.

This site is intended for use by adults. If you are under 18, you are forbidden to access any part of the site. technoweenie, inc encourages parents to take an active role in their children's use of the Internet.

It is our goal at technoweenie to develop an on-line environment that is easy to use and respectful of our visitors, consistent with good industry practices.

technoweenie collects personally identifiable information from our visitors only on a voluntary basis. Personally identifiable information may include name, email address, etc. We do not require this information to obtain access to any part of our public site. We do require visitors to supply personally identifiable information when ordering products from the site in order to ensure proper delivery and billing. Throughout our entire operation, we use the personally identifiable information we collect only for increasing the effectiveness of our site. We do not sell or rent personally identifiable information to other organizations.

Our web server collects the domain names of the internet providers for visitors to our web sites (not email addresses). This information is aggregated to measure number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed, etc. We use this information to measure the use of our site and to improve the content of our site.

The site may contain "links" to other non-technoweenie operated web sites. It is also possible that non-technoweenie operated web sites may link to our site. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by those non-technoweenie owned/operated web sites.

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of technologies, technoweenie, inc may occasionally update this privacy statement. Notice of any revisions will be posted to this privacy statement web page.

You can send any comments or questions regarding technoweenie, inc privacy practices on this web site to us by using our Feedback/Contact Form.

technoweenie sells products from multiple suppliers and sources, as such, we do not send out catalogs, flyers, promotions or other unwanted materials.