About Her Toy Store

This site is operated by technoweenie, inc. an online retailer

Technoweenie is a provider of recreational products, apparel and adult novelties.

We are dedicated to finding our customers the best products available to fit their lifestyle.

We have been in business and online since 1999! Which is longer than twitter, facebook, reddit, linkedin, tumblr, fetlife and a whole bunch of other well-known websites.

We are a small company of close knit employees, and love what we do. We may not always have the lowest price on the web, but please know that when you buy from us, the money you spend goes to pay employees wages they can live on, as well as a LOCAL economy.

We do not have some lavish corporate office with a chef making lunch in a dining room, or on-site drycleaning .  We are people, like you. with families, and kids, and grocery lists, and bills... so please know We truly appreciate your business very, very much.

Be assured that you are getting genuine first quality brand name products from us.
We buy through authorized distribution channels as well as directly from the manufacturers.
We can can be reached at:
PO BOX 259
NEW YORK, NY 10024

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
Email is best should you have a comment or question.
And our phone number is 512-203-4465
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